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Sky Tree Condominium


Sky Tree Condominium, in capital Phnom Penh, Cambodia, consisting luxury condominium, serviced apartments and Hotel management, is developed by J & L Development Company. SKY TREE will provide a first-class top quality residential building in centre of the capital Phnom Penh, with a realistic and affordable pricing strategy.
Sky Tree, offers
Hotel cum- luxury condominium -style management
one-stop service for homebuyers
providing a comprehensive financial plan and financial arrangements

Location of Sky Tree
SKY TREE is located close to the “super-million Lake City" FASHION project area, which all the natural lovers investors, are vigorously targeting to get a foothold in it. SKY TREE’s, location is very enviable, the base is adjacent to thirty meters wide Avenue [large roadway],

In West of the base area, lies institutions of higher learning and Southeast Asia’s largest department store Parkson TK Mall. In the East, lies city hall, foreign Embassies and five-star Raffles Hotel ,Central Station, Prime Minister’s Office, Ministry of Defence. In the south-lies “million megacity Lake”. In the north of Phnom Penh, is one of the BEST golf course in Cambodia, well-known Japanese department chain store Aeon, humanities and business administration surrounding a chain. Within a small circle `{`approximately with three minutes’ drive`}`, we can reach TK Mall Parkson department store,

5 minutes to city Hall and the Prime Minister’s Office,
20 minutes from Phnom Penh international Airport,
Fully functional life, and lots of growth potential infinity is available.

Sky Tree aim is to “Provide one-stop property management services” including we also “provide one-stop behalf of the rent escrow sale of property” management services. SKY TREE, was carefully planned by the Singapore building team, with an underground layer, and above the ground 32 floors, stylish appearance, “hotel management luxury condominiums". With our complete modular product planning with exclusive public facilities.

Sky Tree , the of indoor floor planning starting from 32.63 square meters to 140.93 square meters, through our modular product planning ; a one room bed-bedroom, a two-bedroom and three-bedroom room condominium provide’s customers variety and choice, to suit their personal taste.

Sky Tree created the plan to accommodate in the building
01.for internationally well-known branded shop outlets
02.is combined with a reception hall which is fully equipped with call centre facility
03.a speciality SPA
04. a gymnasium `{`gym`}`
05. a multi-curve swimming pool
06 an outdoor play area
07. a green garden `{` eco-friendly construction`}`
08. an audio-visual room
09. a reading room
10. an indoor play area
11. a multi-purpose activity room
12 .a medical clinic
13. a laundry
14. a surveillance and security centres
15. a property management office, and
16. the visitor parking spaces and a total of 18 public facilities
17. a sky bar on the top floor of the SKY gardens and
18. a Helipad

Totalling 18 public facilities, to give residents living here to enjoy the best quality of living and sense of honour staying in this Sky Tree condominium.

SKY TREE, is designed and build in accordance with international standards,
Main objective and overall plan is to give the residence “feel at home"





Address: #KH 1 + #KH 2, ST105, Sangkat Toul Sangke, Khan Russey Keo, Phnom Penh.
Contact :+855 066-301 688, 089-901 688, 081-901 688, 023-901 688
email : jlproperty.cambodia@gmail.com

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